• GRIP SOCKS REQUIRED in all classes, always and forever; wear cute activewear, smell nice, and bring your own water bottle and towel
  • ARRIVE EARLY to secure your belongings in the cubbies and settle onto the Megaformer; a 3-minute orientation of the Megaformer is required for your first time, and if you miss it, you'll need to reschedule
  • HANDS-ON ADJUSTMENTS are provided because in Lagree, form comes first; let your Trainer know of any injuries, questions, or comments before class starts, and
  • BE PATIENT, KIND, and FEARLESS - Lagree is challenging with a steep learning curve, and yes the shakes, sweats, and soreness are all part of this amazing, unique, mind-body, transformative experience!
As a Member, enjoy access to classes as well as additional studio perks including:
  • 20% of class packages and select merchandise
  • a complimentary guest pass each month
  • a complimentary birthday class with up to 10 of your friends
  • and more
Important notes about your Membership:
  • Memberships are on monthly auto-payments

  • Auto-payments are on the same billing date each month, charged to the card stored on file

  • Limit 1 class max per day

  • Unused classes do not rollover

  • We allow 1 hold (1 full billing cycle) per 4 months of Membership

  • 1 month minimum commitment, cancel anytime

  • Restarting a Membership is subject to price change

  • You may freely change or cancel your class reservations 8 hours prior to the start time without penalties
  • LATE CANCELLATIONS incur the loss of the class
  • NO SHOWS incur the loss of the class + a $20 No Show fee after a 48 hour grace period
  • If the class is full, join the waitlist! 9x out of 10 you'll make it in
  • You will receive an email, phone call, or text notification once you make it off of the waitlist and into the class
  • This can be anywhere from 12 hours to 12 minutes before the class starts - so if you can no longer make a class that you were waitlisted for, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid late cancellation/no show penalties
  • If you make it into a class that you were originally waitlisted for and do not have enough class passes, your furthest class reservation out will be cancelled to make up for this waitlisted class (ex. if you only had 1 class pass and were waitlisted for November 1st and reserved for November 5th, your reservation for the 5th will be cancelled for the pass to be used on the 1st)
  • We do not offer refunds; we only offer store/studio credit
  • You may choose to transfer your paid-for services or store/studio credit to someone else

frequently asked questions

are there beginner classes?
  • FUNDAMENTALS - Beginner Levels, Advanced Welcome (*beginner does not mean "easy", Lagree is a challenging workout!)
  • SIGNATURE - All Levels, Beginners Welcome
  • FLEX - All Abs, Obliques, and Upper Body - recommended 3+ Lagree classes
  • FLOW - Lagree + Power Yoga - recommended 5+ Lagree classes
  • FIRE - Advanced Levels - recommended 8+ Lagree classes
can i take lagree while pregnant?
  • If you've never taken a Lagree class before, we do not recommend starting Lagree while pregnant
  • If you have taken 12+ Lagree classes before pregnancy, you are welcome to continue Lagree in your first and second trimesters only
  • We recommend returning to Lagree at least 6-8 weeks after pregnancy with approval from your health care professional
can i take lagree with injuries?
  • Although Lagree is low-impact, it is high-intensity and load-bearing, and was created as a high-intensity workout for fully-functioning bodies
  • If you have any injuries that could require strict modifications, please contact us at (408)320-8436 or to complete our questionnaire

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