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The ultimate Core, Muscular Strength and Endurance workout in 40 minutes on the patented Megaformer M3

True to the 

LFBA is exclusively licensed to feature the high-intensity Lagree FitnessTM method on patented MegaformerTM technology. Every move integrates Core, Strength, and Endurance for a shake, sweat, and soreness truly unique to the Lagree experience. Most importantly, it is low-impact and safe on the joints, therefore accessible and sustainable to all levels.


1. Create an account on MINDBODY through our website or the MINDBODY app. You will use MINDBODY to reserve, modify, or cancel classes.

2. Purchase a promotion, class package, or Membership - make sure to check out and store your info for future purchases or auto-payments.

3. Visit the Schedule to find a class to reserve. 

If the class says "Book", there are spots open in that class. If the class says "Waitlist", the class is full but the waitlist is open - join it! 9x / 10 you'll make it in. You'll receive an email notification or you can refresh your schedule or contact us directly. There is no penalty if you can no longer make a class that you were waitlisted for.


1. You'll need grip socks, a water bottle, and towel. we have merchandise for sale at the studio.

2. Wear comfortable workout clothes, minimal jewelry, and deodorant if needed - come fresh!

3. Arrive to class 5-7 minutes early to put your items away in the cubbies, put your grip socks on, fill your water bottle, grab your towel, and settle onto your Megaformer. If there are newbies, your Trainer will give an overview of the Megaformer

3 minutes before class.

Arriving late? Your spot will be given to next person on the waitlist 4 minutes into class. Newbies will need to reschedule if you miss the overview of the Mega.


1. SLOW AND CONTROLLED - we use a SLOW 4-count if not slower, and every move requires full control, core balance, and mind-body connection.

2. QUICK TRANSITIONS - with zero momentum, we keep the heart rate up by flowing from one move into the next and into the next without any breaks in between. As a newbie, it will be distracting to watch others in the room - stay focused on the Trainer and the cues. With practice, you'll learn to transition quickly with accuracy and precision - like a Lagree ninja!

3. SHAKE, SWEAT, AND SORENESS - you'll experience the undeniable INTENSITY of Lagree as early as the first move of class. BREATHE, and modify as needed.

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