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Whether you love Lagree enough to want to teach and share that love with your community, or simply want to improve your own personal practice with in-depth knowledge and proper form — learning the science and the art behind our unique method is just as transformative as the mind body connection you experience on the Megaformer. 



​The ideal LFBA Trainer:

  • is studious in the method 🤓

  • is creative and continuously inspired

  • keeps cool, confident, and composed 😎 in high-stress/high-intensity group settings

  • is detail-oriented

  • is consistent and reliable

  • has good taste in music 🎵

  • vibe checks ✅

  • is a positive and motivational community builder

  • a true team player

  • has taken 100+ lagree classes (preferred but not required), or  15+ lagree classes and has 2-3 years  of teaching experience (preferred but not required)



Our exclusive 6-Week Mentorship includes:

  • official Lagree Fitness Certification by an official Lagree Master Trainer

  • lifetime access to the Lagree Academy

  • 8-class package at LFBA Studios

  • and more

Training Dates and Details:

  • Saturday May 18 — Sunday June 9, 2024

  • Weekends (Saturday + Sunday) from 1-4pm

  • In-person + virtually at LFBA Fremont and LFBA San Jose (select days)

  • Tuition = $2200, flexible payment options available

  • ❗️ Registration closes on Friday May 3, 2024 ❗️

  • With an Official Lagree Fitness Certification by an Official Lagree Master Trainer, you will be certified to teach the Lagree method at any licensed Lagree Fitness studio (please check with your home studio for additional requirements

  • Certification is required however does not guarantee employment at LFBA Studios

  • Already Lagree-certified and/or teaching Lagree? Please email to audition

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